Cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, seem to have been the talk of the town over recent months. With prices having risen significantly it is easy to understand why. Headlines like the one below can contribute to many investors throwing caution to the wind and making an emotional purchase decision.

When this article was written, Bitcoin was around $56,000. As I am writing this article, Bitcoin has dropped to around $36,000 (up from $30,000 just a few hours ago), having lost approximately 36% in just over one-months’ time. I am spotlighting Bitcoin for this article for two reasons: to share Bradley’s story and to illustrate how I believe technical analysis could have helped investors limit potential losses in Bitcoin had they been considering buying it in recent weeks or months.

“Bradley” made a profitable investment decision having purchased $1,000 of Bitcoin over a year ago. Over that time, he watched his investment turn into $8,000 in recent months, and as his gains have increased, so did his confidence. These circumstances contributed to him doubling down on his investment and purchasing another $8,000 worth of Bitcoin. This took place around the time when it was priced in the mid-$50,000’s. He was convinced it was going to go much higher, justifying his decision with reasons listed in many different news articles, including the one referenced above. Fast forward to today and within a couple months he has lost over half of the gains that took him over a year to accumulate.

Now, Bitcoin may eventually go higher, and he may recover his short-term losses. But with stock markets today at all-time highs, I believe his story offers an excellent opportunity to revisit risk management and how I believe investors can try to protect themselves from these types of situations in the future. This article will be a little long, but I hope you will read it in its entirety. Your ability to protect your “pig” (i.e. financial wealth) in the months and years to come my depend upon it.

If you have been reading my primary trend updates over recent months, you are aware of the importance I place in trend channels as illustrated in Chapter 6 of my book Protecting The Pig. In the charts that follow, I am going to show you three different perspectives of Bitcoin, and how I believe technical analysis has been warning of potential losses in recent weeks. First, look at a simple one-year price chart below of Bitcoin over the past year.

BITCOIN Price Chart

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By itself, this price chart does not provide much context to help an investor come to any conclusions. So, let us rectify that by identifying potential rising and declining trend channels to give us more perspective. Let us begin first with the potential positive trend channel shown below.



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The two rising dashed green lines above help identify a potential rising trend channel. Until yesterday, price was at the Blue Line which also coincided with the bottom of the trend channel. But today price has broken down below both. As a result of this price behavior, I believe any prudent investor should look for potential evidence if the trend may be changing. For that, look at the chart below.



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The two rising red lines above help identify a potential declining trend channel. You will notice that from this perspective, price has dropped from the potential “top” of the declining price channel to the bottom, and now is hovering near the middle.

So, referring once again to the article above, will Bitcoin go to $100,000 by the end of 2021? Only time will tell. But I believe indicators have been showing for many weeks now that the short-term direction was more likely down than up.

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