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If you are seeking ways to invest your money to achieve and maintain financial security, you may discover a problem: a lack of options. While many investment strategies can help you grow your money when trends in the financial markets are favorable, we have found too few incorporate ways to help mitigate investment losses when trends are unfavorable. We designed our investment process as a potential solution to this problem.

BLUE LINE INVESTING® is an investment process founded on 95 years of stock market history. It is based on the belief that slight short-term investment changes – made with a purpose – can have a profound effect on growing and protecting long-term wealth. We believe risk management plays a significant role in long-term investment success.

Central to this process is the “Blue Line” that acts as one of several warning indicators of potential changes in financial market trends. This indicator can help us take proactive action to limit sustained investment loss when trends become unfavorable.

We believe this investment process can provide our clients with greater long-term financial security, greater protection of their financial wealth, and greater peace of mind.

We aim to help our client’s grow their financial wealth using a simple process of elimination. Historically, there are three types of long-term trends, two of which can lead to financial gain and one to financial loss. Our process seeks to identify those investments we want to buy that are in the types of trends we believe can lead to financial gain, while helping eliminate investments altogether that we believe will lead to financial loss. We believe this distinguishes us from other investment strategies that buy and hold many investments without regard for their individual underlying trends.

One of the ways we aim to help our clients manage investment risk is by not remaining fully invested from time to time. It is inevitable that the financial markets will experience short-term unfavorable trends, and we do not believe it is in our client’s best interests to remain fully invested during those times.

We strive to help our clients maximize tax-efficiency by investing in tax-efficient investments, limiting investment turnover, and avoiding certain investments that may cause our clients to pay taxes on other investors realized investment gains.

These concepts and more are discussed in detail in my book ‘Protecting The Pig: How Stock Market Trends Reveal the Way to Grow and Preserve Your Wealth.’

We partner with our clients in a manner we would desire if we were in their shoes. We are:

Independent – As Investment Advisor Representatives and fiduciaries, we are ethically bound to act in and for our client’s best interests.

Experienced – With over 20 years of investment experience there is not much we haven’t seen or experienced before. Our documented historic research has helped us identify recurring patterns that may prove helpful with future investment decisions.

Process-driven – We do not sell commission-based products, but instead, charge a fee for our services. This may be an asset-based or contract-based fee, and we believe helps eliminate potential conflicts of interest. Front-and-back-end sales charges do not apply.

Not custodians – Most client accounts are held at Charles Schwab & Co, Inc., an independent, institutional third-party broker-dealer. This creates a type of barrier between us and limits access to our clients’ accounts.

Transparent – Our clients receive independent, third-party performance reports from Advyzon on a quarterly basis that fully discloses our fees, so clients understand the cost and timing of payments for our services.

All BLUE LINE INVESTING® clients have daily access to their account information and investment performance, receive monthly primary trend updates, and quarterly independent, third-party performance reporting.

Clients enrolled in our BLUE HORIZONS consulting service receive all the above and also participate in quarterly strategy sessions which includes an annually updated retirement projection. These sessions are conducted via telephone, Zoom Video, or through in-person meetings. This service is available for clients who meet certain eligibility requirements.

We primarily work with individuals and families who have recently retired or plan on retiring within 20 years. This includes, but is not limited to, professionals, business owners, and corporate executives and employees.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact us by calling (833) 258-2583, sending an email to, or scheduling a 30-minute complimentary Zoom meeting at