What is financial freedom to you? Is it the freedom to retire early without fear of outliving your money? Is it the freedom to enjoy a work-optional lifestyle? Is it the freedom from worry of losing your lifetime wealth? The freedom from making emotional investment decisions? What could your life be like if you followed a process that could help you find your financial freedom?

BLUE LINE INVESTING® is founded on three P’s: having a plan; following a process; and monitoring your progress. Since the only constant in life is change, we review and update your plan annually. Our process includes quarterly strategy sessions to ensure we remain in regular communication, thereby creating the opportunity to be proactive – rather than reactive – to your life changes and occasional financial market volatility. And to help you track your progress according to your personalized plan, we provide independent, third-party reporting.

The BLUE LINE INVESTING® investment process was founded on over 95 years of stock market history. It seeks to identify and align investment decisions with multiyear trends. These historical trends can be viewed here.

We combine tax-efficient investments with proactive risk management to help you grow and protect your long-term wealth. Central to this process is the “Blue Line” which acts as a reference point to help differentiate multiyear trends. Specifically, it helps us identify periods when we believe investment portfolios should remain fully invested from those when caution and defensiveness should be applied.

We subscribe to the adage, “Buy low, hedge high.” Sometimes the stock market can feel and act like a roller coaster, but we don’t believe your account value should mirror the ride down every time.

As fiduciaries, we work with you in a way we would desire if we were in your shoes. We are:

Independent – As Investment Advisors Representatives we are ethically bound to act in and for your best interests.

Experienced – With over 25 years of investment experience there is not much we haven’t seen or experienced before.

Process-driven – We do not sell commission-based products, but instead charge a fee for our services. We believe this helps eliminate potential conflicts of interest. Front-and-back-end sales charges do not apply.

Not custodians – Your accounts are held at Charles Schwab & Co. Inc., an independent, institutional third-party broker-dealer.

Transparent – You receive independent, third-party performance reports on a quarterly basis that includes full disclosure of our fees, so you understand your progress and the cost and timing of payments for our services.

We primarily work with individual and families who are within 20 years of retirement or have recently retired. This includes, but is not limited to, professionals, business owners, and corporate executives and employees.

Please call us at (833) 258-2583, send an email to [email protected], or use this link to schedule a complimentary  30-minute Zoom meeting: