Each new client relationship begins with learning about your unique circumstances, needs, goals and timeline. We then recommend a customized investment solution that seeks to turn your goals into reality. Please refer to the sample allocation below that represents our flagship investment strategy. We primarily invest in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), with individual stocks playing a minor role. We seldom use mutual funds.


BLUE HORIZONS is an additional service offering, available to those clients seeking more than asset management. This annual program provides structure, quarterly strategy sessions, and an annual retirement projection snapshot. When compared to a more traditional comprehensive financial plan, the retirement projection is condensed, purposeful, and specifically designed to monitor our client’s ability to maintain a work-optional lifestyle. We strive to provide information in a format that we believe our clients can easily understand so they may visualize the potential long-term impact from their financial decisions, as well as from financial market performance. Additional information on this service offering is available upon request.