Each new client relationship begins with learning about your unique circumstances, needs, goals and timeline. We then recommend a customized investment solution that seeks to turn your goals into reality.

We offer several BLUE LINE INVESTING® strategies, and many of our clients use 2-to-4 for their total investment solution. Please refer to the sample allocation below that represents our flagship investment strategy. Our strategies consist primarily of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), with individual stocks playing a minor role. We do not use mutual funds.

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We strive to earn our clients trust and confidence every day by doing what we say and saying what we mean. We strive to serve you in a manner we would prefer if we were in your shoes, which includes:

  • Independence– Our strategy only uses investments that our clients could purchase directly for themselves. We do not sell commission-based products, but instead, charge a fee for our services.
  • Process– We believe in – and follow – a disciplined process. We are purposeful about the investments we choose for our strategies, as well as the price. We believe our sell process helps identify when to consider selling an investment to take profits or limit potential loss.
  • Liquidity– Front- and back-end sales charges do not apply. Our clients maintain complete liquidity and can convert their entire accounts to cash as soon as they wish, if necessary (tax consequences may be incurred).
  • Clarity– The investment platform we use allows our clients to view their accounts and values in real-time throughout the trading day. Our clients can monitor and access their accounts at any time on any given day.
  • Custody– Every client account is held at Pershing, LLC. Pershing is an independent, institutional third-party broker-dealer.
  • Transparency– As an SEC-registered investment advisor, our fees are disclosed so that our clients can understand the cost and timing of payments for our services. We do not receive any compensation through product sales.



BLUE HORIZONS is an additional service offering, available to those clients seeking more than asset management. This annual program provides structure, quarterly strategy sessions, and an annual financial evaluation report. When compared to a more traditional comprehensive financial plan, the financial evaluation is condensed, purposeful, and specifically designed to monitor our client’s ability to maintain a work-optional lifestyle during their lifetime. We strive to provide information in a format that we believe our clients can easily understand so they may visualize the potential long-term impact from their financial decisions, as well as from financial market performance.

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BLUE HORIZONS is an annual program, paid annually in advance. Please contact us for a fee schedule.

  • Q1: MEETING – Financial Focus
  • Performance Update; Progress Tracking; IPS Verification; AA Verification; Tactical Ideas; Primary Trend Identification; Tax Matters (not tax advice); Retirement Plan review (when applicable).
  • Q2: CONFERENCE CALL – Process Focus
  • A review of the 3 “P’s” – Philosophy, Process, and Plan; Financial Budget Discussion and Refinement; Review and update of prior years’ Financial Evaluation report.
  • Q3: MEETING – Planning Focus
  • Perceived Dangers and Opportunities; Personal Strengths and Weaknesses; Updated Financial Evaluation Reviewed and delivered via PDF.
  • Q4: CONFERENCE CALL – Coincidental Details Focus
  • Banking Matters; Estate Matters; Account Titling and Beneficiary Designation Matters; Insurance Matters (P&C, Health, Life, LTC); Debt Matters; Real Estate Matters; Year-End Tax Matters (not including tax advice).